I am a professional free lance tourist guide with 37 years experience. I focus on Budapest and the neighbouring countries. I love my job as it were a  passion- I truly travel for life.

I give knowledge, while I also learn every day. This is the most beautiful profession. If you want a knowledgeable, reliable tour guide and friend- try on me.

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Budapest, the capital city of Hungary is a real gem in the centre of Europe. So much history- it is easier to tell you who has not been here instead of telling you who has been here- Celts, Romans, Attila the Hun, Slavic tribes, Mongol Tatars, Turks, Habsburgs, Soviets ...and now the whole world comes to Budapest. World famous scenic locasion of the city, the rich cultural diversity combined with the flair of the Orient, most thermal baths, beautiful Hungarian women, good food and wine and affordable prices in political stability bring them here- once upon a time, the grey city behind the Iron Curtain is now flourishing.

Direct contact and info:

Direct mobile phone to me: +36309420270

Direct email to me: tzeisky@gmail.com

I am on Facebook : Private guide in Budapest (Thomas Zeisky) and on instagram

Don't hesitate to contact me if you are planning a trip to Budapest and the surrounding countries and looking for a reliable, experienced, professional tour guide -who can easily turn to be your friend.

Guided tours by car in Hungary!

What I offer:

I am offering guided tours In Budapest, Hungary and in the neighbouring eastern- european regions in English, German, Russian and Polish languages.

I have a 7 seater car, which can cater comfortably a whole family.

As per agreement, I can pick you up at arrival and arrange your program .

I conduct city tours, excursions to Danube Bend, lake Balaton, to thermal lake Heviz and many more. I can help to realise   individually tailored tours.

It's me before visiting the barber

That's me with an oldsmobile

Here I stand before the second biggest Parliament in Europe

This is my 5-7 seater car, good for a family . Spacy and comfortable.

Enough space for mammy, papa, kids and the dog